• Ludo Farine

Simba 🛏️ - Good night sleep 😴

Tired of not getting a night of good sleep? Until you try a SIMBA mattress, you won't know it. And you have 3 months to try for free.

For about a few years now, a range of brands has been created, with Simba being one of the leaders. Their mojo is simple. They want you to sleep well 💤. Where you will spend a third of your life, better get it right!

You can find on their website the technology behind the mattress. If you're keen to get rid of your old mattress, go ahead and follow my referral link for a £50 discount.

£50 off your mattress and 100 nights to try it or return free!

Once ordered, you will receive a big box with your mattress. Yes in a box 🎁! Open it and leave it on for 24 hours to form itself. And you're ready to relax. If after couple of months, you don't think it worth it, you're totally entitled to return it and get refunded. I personally haven't returned my Simba, it's that good.

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