• Ludo Farine

Revolut ✈️ - say bye-bye to card fees when abroad

Updated: Feb 26

Revolut is a digital bank account that have many cool features. Instant top-ups, no fees while traveling, block your card.... all this simply with your smartphone!

Revolut is one of those cool #fintech (finance-technology) company. They want to revolutionise the world of banks. And they are rightly so.

Open an account in less than 5 minutes and get £7 for free!

Literally. You simply enter your phone number. You will receive a link to download the app on your phone. After entering your personal info and submitting proof of identity, you're good to go! You will get your card number and already use it while shopping online. I you register using my referral link, you can receive your physical card for free.

I already have a bank account. So why should I bother get Revolut?

Well, Revolut has many advantages that your usual #bank probably doesn't have. Every time you use your card, you will receive instantly a notification on your phone 📱. It will get the shop, location and also tag your expense within a category. Very handy to later on see some stats about where you spend your money. You can also do your usual operations 🏦 like direct debits, transfers, etc. but if your friends have Revolut too, you can transfer them money with a single click just by knowing their phone number. Also there is a very handy feature to split the bill, so no more pain for the waiter at the restaurant 🍕, just deal with it later!

Interbank exchange rate = no fees!

But probably something that will save you some money when you have your Mojito on the beach in Brazil 🍹 is no foreign fees! That's right, Revolut use the live interbank exchange rate so that you don't have to worry for extra 3% at the end of your holidays like other banks do. Watch out though as #Revolut will freeze the exchange rate with a small markup during the weekend since foreign markets are closed, so best to exchange your £'s in €'s or one of the 150 currencies* 💲before that! *Yes, good luck to find a currency that is not supported ;)

Alright I'm convinced...any other cool features?

Here's another bunch of things you can do in Revolut that might interest you:

  • Cryptocurrency: exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum and more #crypto.

  • Control your card: if you lose it block it and/or disable it for online purchases or based on your geolocation.

  • Round up your spend to save: if you make a purchase of £2.82, Revolut can automatically round up to £3 and add the 18p in a special vault to help you to save.

  • Get an IBAN from a different country: so that you can get paid by a friend or company in their own currency. Nobody gets cheated on fees!

  • Buy fractional shares from stock market: ever dream of owning a part of Apple? that is now possible with only few clicks in the app 📈.

Round up your purchases and keep some money safe aside

And it is just the beginning. They are growing bigger and bigger, recently onboard their 8th million customer and open in new countries. To truly Revolutionise what a bank should be today.

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