• Ludo Farine

Nutmeg 🌰- A fresh online investment platform

Nutmeg's mission is to help people managing their wealth. Take opportunity of their Stocks & Shares ISA, or Pension to make your savings grow over time.

It is great to save some money for next holidays or next iPhone. But it is also important to save for the future. Your savings can grow bigger over time by choosing to invest them in stocks and shares. Bur rather than doing it yourselves, there are portfolio managers like Nutmeg 🌰 who diversify it for you. Stock market is much riskier than keeping your money in your bank account, but it could grow much more. Their expertise helps you to lower that risk for a small management fee.

Get 6 months free of management fees

You can decide to put your savings in different accounts and benefit some tax savings:

  • Stocks & Shares ISA: any money you make within an ISA is interest-free. The only catch is that you cannot add more than 20k£ total a year in your ISAs regardless the type (Cash, Finance Innovative and Lifetime).

  • Lifetime ISA: once again is interest-free like the S&S ISA. You can only put a max of 4k£ a year though. The good thing about the Lifetime ISA is that you get an extra 25% bonus from the government, so about £1000 extra cash 💰 for free a year if you top it up. The negative point is that in order to use this extra 25%, you must use it to buy your first home, or wait until retirement.

  • Personal Pension: about 40k£ a year can be put a pension and you would not pay income tax on it, so you can benefit from adding it in the Nutmeg pension.

  • General account: you can use this by default but would not be entitled to any of the tax benefits mentioned in previous accounts.

As you can see bunch of products that is offered by this investment platform 📈. If you use my referral link, you will get 6 months of management fee for free. But it only applies for Stocks and Shares ISA if you invest a minimum of £500 and commit of £100 a month for 6 months. Please read full terms.

No tax on interests: take advantage of the ISAs

Regardless of which product you choose what's important then for you to decide is how much risk are you willing to take. Obviously the bigger risk the bigger the reward potentially. They have 3 main options:

  • Fixed allocation: diversified but not actively managed by the experts team. It has the lower fees though.

  • Fully managed: stock market and bonds is a world that moves very quickly. This fund will be constantly monitored and adjusted based on the current situation in the world.

  • Socially responsible: it is also fully managed by the Nutmeg team but it adds one constraint as it only invests in companies that have a positive social impact ♻️ - whether to fight the climate change, give higher wages to their employees, support diversity or promote gender pay equality.

You can always change your investment style and your risk level at any time. They provide you some projections best outcome, worst outcome, based on how much you plan to invest for, and your risk level.

Nutmeg makes it easy to invest with trusting their team of experts to make the best decision where to invest your money. They have a great mobile app and online dashboard that is very transparent and makes it easy for you to understand where your money is being invested and how much return do you make. Give it a go 🌰 if you're looking for this kind of investment.

Please read my full website Disclaimer before making investment decisions.