• Ludo Farine

HelloFresh 🌽 - Cook at home like a chef!

Not inspired about what to cook at home? Wanna try taste something different? Well HelloFresh sounds perfect for you!

HelloFresh is basically a recipe box delivery service that helps you become more creative when #cooking. Each week, or each month, you will receive a box full of ingredients and recipes 🍲 to cook for 2, 3 or 4 people.

Get £20 off your first box to try out

How do you I get started?

Firstly, sign up by using my referral link, you will get a nice little treat: £20 off for your first box! And thanks to you, me too!

Then choose about 3 recipes from the weekly offer. Whether you fall in love for a Rosemary lamb loin, try something vegan with crispy cauliflower nuggets or want something spicy with a Holy Moly Chili beef, you will be spoiled by choices! You can even choose up to 5 #recipes for a week.

Once your choices made, you can select a day of delivery. Make sure you're at home for the delivery or put a shipping address where someone will be able to collect. Otherwise the box will be returned because of perishing goods.

Bold recipes + fresh ingredients = happiness at home :)

What do I get?

Open your box and you will notice all fresh ingredients you need for the dishes you chose.

And you will get the exact amount of what you need, like spices 🌶️, vegetables 🥑, meat 🥩, etc. For fresh food, you will notice the clever packaging with wool and ice cubes.

You will have as well a set of handy card recipes you can keep. Now you just gotta choose which one you wanna go first!

HelloFresh is an amazing idea if you feel a bit lazy and not sure what to cook, what to buy in the shop, etc. It turns out not too expensive with around £5 per person per dish. Once you tried a recipe and really love it, keep it and buy the ingredients in the shop the next time to save more money. And get more inspired with HelloFresh. And with £20 off for the first box, what's to lose.

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