• Ludo Farine

Graze 🍿 - Subscribe for the new craze of healthy snacking

When working, you feel you need that little snack to keep you going? But also you feel guilty that extra chocolate is not really good for your body? Graze is your friend with healthy snacks!

Graze is basically a subscription service that ships, to your home or office, a range of 4 snacks for as little as £4.49. What is good about it is the massive choice they have, more than 100 different snacks are offered to you.

Get 3 boxes for free when signing up!

You can trust Graze to decide for you and get a bit of variety every month or week, depending on the frequency you select. But also you can build your own box 🧃. Snacks are separated into different categories: light, protein, sweet, etc. If you don't want to subscribe, you can also buy a one-off. If you want only one type of snack, you can get a cheaper deal with sharing bags.

For one or more people, subscribe or get a one-off box

Simply give it a try and thanks to my referral link, your first, fifth and tenth box will be completely free! What's good about Graze as well is the format of the boxes. It will fit into any letterbox, so you won't miss it 🍉.

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