• Ludo Farine

Google Opinion Rewards 👥 - Earn ££'s for 10s of your time

Updated: Jan 2

If you don't mind sharing your opinion, you can easily get pocket money at the tip of your fingers. Google Opinion Rewards is sleek app to get you Google Play reward credits for free.

The mobile application Google Opinion Rewards is very easy-to-use. Once installed, you'll get a notification whenever a survey is available. Usually it will come the next day, especially if you visited a store in particular. This is location-based so it will ask you whether you visited a particular shop and if you bought something with credit card, cash or debit card. The questions are not that difficult and stay anonymous.

You can get back in average £3 every month for few clicks

It literally take 10 seconds to answer couple of questions. And it will reward you few pence between £0.06 and up to £0.26 usually based on the survey. It might not be much but for a survey once a day in average, it means about £3 that you will directly get in your Google Pay account. And you can then spend that money for apps, music, books, movies or subscriptions like Netflix.

And another money saving tip from Ludo Good Deal!

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