• Ludo Farine

Freetrade 📈 - get your first mystery share from the stock market

Updated: Apr 23

Freetrade is a young fintech company ready to take on the big stock brokers with a fresh and easy-to-use app. Sign up for free, and you'll get your first share.

The world of the stock market has always been scary for many people. Movies like 'The Wolf of Wall Street' or 'The Big Hustle' didn't necessarily work in the shares market favour, but at least it got people interested. Freetrade is on a mission to make it as easy as possible to get everyone the first step in this investing world.

Get a free mystery share as welcome bonus

By using my referral link, you will be invited to enter your email and download the Android or iOS app. From there, simply follow the instructions:

  • Enter your personal info. ⚠️ At the moment only UK residents can apply.

  • Open a General Investment account for free. Or an ISA plan if you plan to use it for later but bear in mind there is a £3/month fee for the ISA account.

  • Sign the W-8BEN tax form. Required if you invest in US shares, the form allows you to avoid some of the withholding tax paid on US businesses paying a dividend.

  • Top-up £1. You can withdraw it later back to your bank account if you'd like.

  • And that's it! Easy peasy.

You'll need to wait about 5-10 days before your mystery #share is revealed. Usually, you get a share trading between £5-£10 but if you're lucky enough you can get a Tesla or Netflix share trading today around 250$!

I will get a #free share as well thanks to you. So you can do the same and share your link with your friends after signing up for more mystery shares.

5 minutes is all you need to get you started

With your new shiny free share, you can decide to sell it straight away and withdraw the money you gain. Or you can keep it there, and hope the share price will go up in the future and sell it at that time. Might even receive dividends for some #stock shares. But also, on the contrary, the share price can go lower due to less attraction by investors, or be worth nothing if the company you hold a share goes bankrupt.

If you decide to carry on using Freetrade for your personal investment, make sure you know what you are doing. Any #investments are at risk in the stock market, and you may end up with less money that you put in the first place. Also, check your tax liability if you want to trade at bigger volumes.

No fees for most of the trades

Some of the best features that offer #Freetrade is the ease-of-use and clear small fees you pay if you decide to buy or sell shares. It also provides loads of good insights and analytics. Not all stock market is present but most of the famous shares, ETFs and bonds, from both UK and US, can be traded via the app. They are very open with their product roadmap so give them a follow on Twitter.

Freetrade is on its way to help people invest in the stock market without too much trouble. More features are coming soon like a watchlist, gain/loss dashboard or dividends history. Give it a go if you're interested, it's definitely one of my favourite #app.

Please read my full website Disclaimer before making investment decisions.