• Ludo Farine

Free coffee ☕ ? Caffè Nero will fix you up with its new app

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Caffè Nero is one of the coffee shops being very generous for their customers. Ditch the paper loyalty card for their app to quickly earn rewards.

Caffè Nero have made incredible changes to their mobile application on Android and iOS. Unlike Starbucks, you don't have a credit account to top-up in advance. But instead, you simply link your credit or debit card to the app. In store, you simply show the QR code generated to pay and collect rewards. 10 stars 🌟will get you a voucher for a free #coffee.

Get instantly a free coffee by signing up!

By using my referral link, you will receive instantly a free coffee when signing up. And thanks to you, I will get one free too :) Cheers 🥂!

If you already signed up, do not worry I have few codes that work for both existing and new customers:

  • Free Coffee: simply follow that link from your mobile and enjoy an extra free coffee thanks to Heathrow.

  • 5 extra stars: enter the promo code GIVEME5 from your account in the app, and you'll get 5 extra stars.

  • Promotion offers: you might from time to time get free spins to win more vouchers or double stars if buying food from the new menu or their coffee beans or capsules to take home.

Bring your own cup and you'll get double points.

One and last tip I have for you. Bring your own #ecocup. Not only for helping reduce plastic waste, but also you will get an extra star bringing you closer to an additional free coffee. Meaning every 5 coffees bought, you get one free!

If you want to go the extra mile and also use Sainsbury's Nectar 🐝, you can convert 350 points for a coffee voucher. That's about £1.75 a coffee. You can still scan your app with the QR code to collect the points - just make sure you select the right option. And then give the voucher for Sainsbury's to pay for your coffee.

All in all, nobody wants to say 'no' to #free coffee, and there are tons of tricks to get the most of it. So make sure you keep your app handy every time you visit Caffè Nero for your coffee fix. And come back here for new promo codes popping up in the future!

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