• Ludo Farine

Bricklane 🏠 - Invest in a property portfolio from £100

Bricklane is a property fund that owns about hundreds of properties in main cities in the UK. By investing in the fund, you will own a share of those properties and receive rental income.

It might not be the right time for you to buy your own flat or house. Keeping your savings in a bank account doesn't bring much interest, about 1%. There is another alternative that brings you both of the both worlds. Invest in property with a minimum deposit.

Bricklane 🏠 is a real-estate investment trust which basically owns flats and houses across the country. The idea is rather than having one person owning a property, you own a fraction of share of all the properties.

Receive £125+ welcome bonus when you first invest

So what do I get from my money invested?

Well basically two main income streams. The first one being rental income 🏡 as the properties are being let. You will get a share of the rents based on your investment. The second one is the reevaluation of the properties. If a property price becomes higher, the fund is worth more, and logically your investment becomes also more important. Every 3 months Bricklane do a new round of valuation of their properties and readjust the price 💰of one share. Meaning you might more or less shares based on the new fund valuation.

There are two different funds to choose from: one London only, and the other one Regional Capitals containing cities such as Leeds and Manchester.

You can decide to put your savings in different type of accounts and benefit some tax savings:

  • Stocks & Shares ISA: any money you make within an ISA is interest-free. The only catch is that you cannot add more than 20k£ total a year in your ISAs regardless the type (Cash, Finance Innovative and Lifetime). Shares can be resold.

  • Self-Invest Personal Pension: also called SIPP, you can add about 40k£ a year from your salary to put in a pension and you would not pay income tax on it, so you can benefit from adding it in the Bricklane pension. There are more things to consider before investing in SIPP as the funds will be locked until your retirement.

  • General account: you can use this by default but would not be entitled to any of the tax benefits mentioned in previous accounts.

So why is that a good deal?

As you can see bunch of products that is offered by this property investment platform 📈. If you use my referral link, you will receive £125 bonus if you deposit £5000. And the bonus goes up to £1500 for £100,00+ investment. Please read full terms.

The expected returns are also pretty decent. About 3% for the past year. However, past performance is not reliable factor for future performance. This should be seen as a long term investment, because of the 2% fee when investing but also you can hope for the property market 🏘️ reaching higher prices and your investment becoming more fruitful.

Finally the third advantage is the fact that you do not bet on one property, but on multiple ones. If one doesn't get rented or lose a lot of its value, it would be compensated by the other ones. It's the advantages of a fund.

You own a small part of multiple properties

Bricklane 🏠is a user-friendly online platform that gives you alternative of investing in stocks and shares for example. Although nothing is certain, property market is usually the most robust, and this gives you an opportunity to earn better returns than a traditional savings account. If you have some spare savings and interested in properties, you should consider Bricklane.

Please read my full website Disclaimer before making investment decisions.