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BrewDog 🍺🐶 - own part of a brewery

BrewDog is a craft beer company that wants to shake up the beer industry by producing awesome beer. And you can become part of it.

Started by two friends in a garage around Aberdeen, in the north of Scotland, BrewDog had great ambitions since the beginning: revolutionise the beer industry by producing awesome craft beer. And I have to say that they've done a pretty good job so far. You probably have tried a #PunkIPA or least seen it in your supermarket or local bar. And that's one among hundreds of other beers they create every year.

Free beers, permanent discount, invite to AGM...and many more

So how can I own a piece of Brewdog?

James and Martin, founders of BrewDog, didn't want to go alone on this journey. They always praise for the benefits of the crowd. More people get involve, more people get interested, and in return you gotta say on what the company grows and also benefit from their many perks.

So to get started, this is simply #crowdfunding. You can invest some money which will get you a certain number of B shares, like any other company on the stock market. Except that those shares are not yet public, and therefore the price tag on them is up to the company to say. Although they are probably higher priced than they should be, the price is based on the current assets but also growth opportunities.

Be part of BrewDog from a £25 investment

Below presents the latest rounds of equity raise and how the share price evolved. Please note this is not indication on future growth.

So what do I get for £25?

By investing in BrewDog and buying a share, this is your benefits:

  • Share 📈Own part of BrewDog with your shareholder ID card

  • AGM 🍻Invite to one of the biggest annual beer festival in Aberdeen, Berlin and Colombus, Ohio.

  • Free birthday beer 🎉 get a free beer on your #birthday + extra benefits if you celebrate in a BrewDog bar

  • Discount 🛍 5% Free bars, 10% online forever!

  • Craft Beer book 📘To know where this all comes from.

If you're interested to put more than £25 for long-term investment, you will obviously get more shares but also extra perks:

  • £200+ 🦄15% online discount + exclusive T-shirt

  • £250+ 🎸20% online discount + 6 months Fanzine (3 exclusive beers a month)

  • £500+ 🍊10% bar discount + free online shipping for a year

  • £1000+ 🍔Punk day (free meal and drinks every year)

If you use my referral link, then I will get one referral point as you will do to! Once you do to, you will get your own referral link for your friends and family. If you reach more than 5, you will get again extra perks like beers or merchandise.

Tip: fill in the EFP survey when you visit a bar for £15 vouchers every month

More than owning a share in a company, you will feel part of a #beer club. Interact with others on the forum, get you say on future products or marketing campaigns, get involved in one-in-a-lifetime experience like BrewDog Airlines, get visa stamps in your beer passport across the 100 bars in the world....Unlimited possibilities! Welcome to the gang #EquityPunk 🍻!

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