• Ludo Farine

Beer52 🍺 - Craft Beers delivered right to your doorstep

Tired of drinking the same beer over and over again? Well Beer52 might be the right answer for you with 8 new beers to discover every month.

Beer52 is basically a recipe box delivery service that selects for you some new beers coming from all over the world. For about £24, you can delivered every month 8 beers 🍺 with some snacks and magazine about the world of #craft beer. Some of those can't be found in your supermarket or bottle shop so pretty nice if you want to try something new without looking too much into it.

Get £12 off your first box to try out

How do I get started?

Firstly, sign up by using my referral link, you will get a nice little treat: £12 off for your first box! So basically 50% off your first box, making it about £1.5 a beer so good deal 👌.

Then you can choose whether you prefer light beers (blonde, lager, ipa) or a mixed one, including darker beers like porters and stouts.

There are even more beers to try from the shop :)

If 8 beers aren't enough for you, you can select more #beers from their online shop. There are also special cases with different themes: Irish breweries, brand-specific one like #Mikkeler and many others. Simply explore! Every month would be different 🌈.

I can't recommend enough for you to try your first case with Beer52, especially at the price of £12. If you like, you can carry on your subscription. If it's not for you, make sure you cancel your subscription before the next month. Cheers to you 🍻!

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