How I Became

A Serial Deal Finder

I'm Ludo. Originally from Switzerland, I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland about 7 years ago. I love it here :)

One thing I notice in the UK is how many deals, freebies companies and restaurants offer. It can be a little too overwhelming!

It might sound cliché but, like a swiss, I do enjoy saving money and getting freebies! And I like my friends to benefit from the same.

This is how Ludo Good Deal was born. Explore the FINANCE section to discover the new digital bank accounts. Get some money back when buying stuff in the SHOPPING & SERVICES space. Treat yourself with a burger or a cake with the FOOD & DRINK section.  And finally, if you live in amazing Edinburgh, then you must check those best places within EDINBURGH DEALS page.

Smile at the ££'s you saved!

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